Who are you?

I’m a British PhD student who is in their third year of research. My thesis is on Roman epic poetry, specifically Statius’ Thebaid. I’m interested in how people use and create space to interact with one another. As the epic I study centres around a fratricidal war, I believe personal relationships are at the heart of Statius’ story.  If you want to have a read then a good, free, translation can be found here.

This blog is my way of keeping track of the endless days spent in libraries, coffee establishments and staring out of windows. Some posts will simply be a record of where I am with research and others will take on a more therapeutic bent.

If you like what you read, and also find yourself in the strange wonderland that is arts (or even science!) research, then I recommend checking out #phdchat on twitter and also these brilliant websites:

PhD Comics
The Thesis Wispherer


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